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Tired of paying someone else to quilt your quilts?  Tired of mailing your quilts or driving long distances to a longarm quilter?

We have EXCITING NEWS!! Native Life Quilt Shop has launched a LONGARM RENTAL PROGRAM! If you’ve never used a longarm quilting machine, not to worry, we will have you confidently stitching your very first time. You will be amazed at the results.

If you are not familiar with longarm quilting, have a look at this video. This is the method you will be using when you finish your first quilt at Native Life. Every Rental Includes:

1. Free Glide thread & Pre-wound bobbins
2. Choice of Pantographs (easy-med-hard)
3. New needle with every session
4. Leadergrips (Easy Loading System)
5. Use of top-of-the-line APQS Machines (stitch regulated, power fabric advance, hydraulic table lift)
6. Expert Guidance and Confidence Coach

You must complete our Rental Class in order to rent our APQS machine. In this class, you will finish your very first quilt in this class (approx 60" x 70") using a simple beginner pantograph.

In the Rental Certification Class we will cover:
How to prepare the three quilt layers for quilting.
How to attach the layers to the frame.
How to Operate the Machine. How to line up and follow pantograph design.
How to advance the design and complete your quilt.

For pricing and more information, call Lisa at Native Life at 406-338-7888.